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Legal protection in Ukraine

Would like to venture in Ukraine? Capital to invest in? Looking for partners? Trade with local companies? Establish company or may be you have already business in Ukraine and have problems?

One way or another: first of all, you must ensure safe operation, earlier or later, as well as wherever, you will need legal protection in Ukraine, you will need the local representation to protect your business interests, accompanied by activities, to ensure your business and legalty and the financial management options for the legal protection of the import-export traffic in all spheres of trade. Not everyone can be experienced in a country ever-changing legal systems and laws regulating - you do not need it: look for the assistance of experts with many years of experience who can provide legal protection for your business and always helps you with his/her advice, whether it can be financial investments, the company establishing or commercial, trade transactions. Remember, you are entitled to legal protection in Ukraine as well!

Legal advice and representation

The company deals with legal advice and legal protection, with accompaniment business for over fifteen years – in every place and time we represent the interests of our customers and partners. Besides the secure adequate representation and protection we provide investment advisory and efficient optimization of export and import expenditure too, in fact, it is one of the main profile of our company.

Safe business support

Legal and organizational support of Project’s Investment

In Ukraine everyone has opportunity, provided by the law, to establish a company, to invest, and it is open for both local and foreign natural and legal persons. The Ukrainian banking system is developed, there are opportunities to secure financial operation. But is understandable according to local conditions, thorough understanding of legislation may not be required from every investor and entrepreneur. Therefore it is necessary that, from the beginning of organizational tasks and that in all segments of operational processes the entrepreneur could rely on legal advice and recourse the lawyers working on site, support from professionals in law. This is especially true for legal protection and for the smooth running of the business through escort for the projects of financial investments. There maybe organizational support at the very beginning of the investment phase, but it is more necessary in the project financial tracking process when in the Ukrainian legal system without a perfectly ordinary skill is almost impossible to navigate through the maze of legislation.

It can be based on the last years' experience that we cooperate with foreign and Ukrainian partners and we had a number of options, and still have (we hope: will have too) that the benchmark for the continuous provision of adequate secure legal protection and for business escorts so that we can contribute for firm foundation, in financial, investment processes, business purchases of Western Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

If you are looking fo reliable legal representation in Ukraine, if you want that your finances, contracts and all business processes will be right, if you do not want personally deal with all organizational tasks, then contact us: You deserve the best legal services, given by the best lawyer’s office, comfort and safe in the changing political conditions. What we offer: legal representation and secure escort business in Ukraine. Do not leave your business without legal protection where money is invested!

The Director of our company is the Representative president of the Skala-Energy in Ukraine, founded by Skala Skala-Coop Ltd.

Optimization of export and import costs

Both foreign trade sector, both in exports and imports there is great importance in the spending and revenue side coordination. Generated by commercial transactions costs in Ukraine can be well compared with almost the same revenues which are valid for the European Union too. Increasing of the earlier mentioned things sometimes have some difficulties, therefore setting of the optimal level of spending is required. This is the process which is done by us with great experience, optimizing the import and export expenses, through which the company’s trade balance improved.

Professional competence of the law office

Maximum experienced professionals in the Ukrainian legal system, hired for full or part-time job (sometimes - outsoursing ) provide legal protection not only for businessmen coming to Ukraine, but also closely cooperate with local organizations and government institutions. With the recognition of the competent authorities, our company Adekvat Consulting Ltd, became more and more successful in recent years, the company is a member of the Ukraine State Committee for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship Working Group, and acts as advisor for the Transcarpathian investment agency. But we provide operating to the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration border cooperation department advisor’s responsibilities as well, being sure that Ukraine’s business life is developing dynamically despite to temporary difficulties and worth for the investors attention.
With the help of our services within the last few years a number of foreign (including Hungary) partners launched a successful business in Ukraine. Between our clients you can find nationally well known companies, the names and contact information of some of them you can find on the right side on our website: the list also acts as the reference links.

Béla Vereczkey
Tel. +38 067 754 37 87
E – mail:
Skype - bela.vereczkey

Safe legal protection

If you would like to make business, invest, to make financial and commercial transactions conducted over Hungary’s major eastern neighbors, then you will need to secure legal protection in Ukraine. In Uzhhorod Transcarpathian law firm’s profile is the escort business investment and export-import expenditure including optimization. Our Partners believe, that it is the best law firm in Ukraine in the field of legal advice and representation.

Business support in Ukraine

Ukraine may be legally problematic area for those who do not know themselves in the labyrinth of the law. For them provide effective assistance and advise for investment procedures, our experienced Ukrainian law firm that specializes in conducting safe organizational processes. Its main speciality is the optimization and cost optimization of the expenses of the export-import transactions, as well as holding the legal aspects and investment protection for enterprise business support in Ukraine. During the fifteen years of professional business the enterprise boasts with a number of customer satisfaction feedback. Our law firm with the best reputation as the legal professional company in Ukraine employs only financial professionals and lawyers, which offers the most effective legal services to local and foreign clients also.

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Legal protection and business support in Ukraine

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Do you need legal protection in Ukraine? Call: +380 067 754 37 87

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