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Diversification, as a way out of crisis

Diversification in general

Diversification it is:

  1. Owning a wide variety of financial assets, each of which has a different level of risk, in order to reduce the overall risk of the portfolio as a whole.
  2. Distribution of investments and risks of different markets, financial instruments and strategies for making business.
    3. General business practices aimed at expanding the range of goods and services and / or geographical area to distribute risk and reduce dependence on cyclical business sustained stagnation and political situations.
  3. Method of enterprise development, which means implementation of new products, product markets, as well as new services, including not just diversifying of product groups, but also the proliferation of business activities to new and unrelated possible activities.

Adequate-Consulting in its opinion - offers to its clients, in addition to proposals gives clear answers for the following questions:

  1. Does the new direction (sector), a new area give better profit compared with the opportunities available in the industry, with which the company already operates?
  2. Can the company compete with the existing companies in the proposed market?

In the context of own developments and business relationships for our company diversification - is, first of all, the process of penetration of the corporation in new sphere of industries and geographical segments (West-East / East-West) with the aim of reducing the risk of its operations.

Solving (crisis situations, válsághelyzet, криза) in general:

Crisis (válság, криза) - This is a turning point, a difficult situation in which inadequate choice of solution would lead to unpredictable problems, it is a period in which the functioning of important sectors of corporation may become difficult. It contributes the company’s life, as negative state associated with the disorder, a permanent condition, and positive, which forces to adopt new solutions.

There are general and local crises

Actions to resolve the crisis can be divided into two groups: the tactical and strategic. Tactical can be both defensive and attacking.
Strategic – the company’s assessment and analysis, exploring its potential, development of the production program, the plan proceeds, innovation, the development of the general concept of rehabilitation of the company.

Adequate-Consulting can provide recommendations, or take a direct part in crisis management – in which raised a systematic analysis of its symptoms, activities to reduce the negative effects of the crisis and use of its factors for further development.

Algorithm - identify the causes of the crisis and the sources of crises, planning the mechanism for its solutions.
Rapid and appropriate response for the development of events, that happened.
Giving recommendations for decisions, which mostly are the following:

The results of the diagnostics give possibility to determine the depth of the crisis and, therefore, allow determining the goals and objectives of crisis management.
Depending on the depth of the crisis such tasks may include:

Example: Adequate - Consulting during 15 years regularly meets with investors problems related to maladministration by subsidiaries, regulation of unscrupulous leaders entrusted their funds and other assets. Often these crises are signs of criminal activities.

Now political and territorial crisis situations added.

It is problematic to make out activities in order to bring out the company from crisis with the same person (or management team), activities or omission which led to its appearance. Therefore, as a rule, successful normalization of activities possible by senior management change or at least, by including to the anti-crisis program workout specialists with great experience and also of young middle-level team from the company’s own resources.
The novelty and originality of their thinking can become a major support for senior management team, ensuring making out recovery plans.

Adequate-Consulting does not automatically initiate litigation, on contrary, solves the problems with the above mentioned methods.

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