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Juridical management, reliable legal protection, registration businesses in Ukrainein

Our partners:
IPEC management – Slovakia General and specialized management
ZIPP Bratiszlava Slovakia Building and manufacturing products of prestressed concrete
“Skála Energy KFT” - Hungarian Manufacturing of alternative fuel
LTD „APIAGRA” Slovakia Conditioning of residential and manufacturing constructions
«VMF Special TRADE KFT» - Hungarian intermediary in different spheres of business
Hungarian Development Bank (At state support) The state-owned Hungarian Development Bank (MFB) Financial services
FÉG Konvektor Hungarian Manufacturing of gas convectors
HAVÁRIA klaszter Group of companies in different spheres in Europe
LTD „Monohram Technologies ” Slovakia Production of software
LTD «P.S.P. Kolizey» Russia Media equipment and equipment for video surveillance
Private company „LAKOR” Ukraine Modern technologies of printing, flagpoles. Accessories, other products of composite materials.
LTD „Formenta” Sweden Modern technologies of printing, flagpoles, accessories, water-pools, lights, other products of composite materials.
LTD „PTD” Czech Republic Metal constructions and solar energy
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Our objective – to make You familiar with more than 15-year work of our juridical consulting company, our partners in past and nowadays, indicating with these examples that reliably protected investments can work in both directions, that is from Europe to Ukraine and countries of CIS, and backwards.

PP „Adekvat” – consulting enterprize with 18-years experience. Profile – juridical and organizational support of investment projects. It has supported together with „IPEC Menegament, Bratislava the construction of plant „Yadzaki” (Japan) in manufacturing of automobile wirings in Uzhgorod. Also „Kornel Finn GmB”,”Elektrotech” and „PBM” in special economic zone „Transcarpathia” – accordingly, German and American projects. From 1995 to 2003 years company supported entrance and support of activities in Ukraine of „FEG – Konvektor” – Hungarian company – manufacturing, selling and service support of gas convectors.

Schmitt Pál, the President of Hungary opened the pellet factory in Técsõ

From 2008 year till nowadays – construction and support of activity of plant, manufacturing of heating pellets from wooden waste material “Skala Energy KFT” – Hungarian investment project for 18 millions euro in Tyachiv, Transcarpathian region. Now company is starting to fulfill the similar project in Kyivskiy region, “Skala Energy KFT” that is in several times bigger.

For the present moment LTD „Adekvat” also performs juridical support in construction of plenty objects of Olympic complex in Sochi for Slovakian and Russian company. “P.S.P. Kolizey” and “Monogram Technologies s.r.o.”

Besides mentioned above, LTD „Adekvat” is a representative in Ukraine of “ZIPP Bratislava” – Slovakian plant manufacturing concrete elements of prestressed concrete, “Bosnyak infeszt KFT” – Hungary, “VMF Special Trade KFT” – Hungary, “MFB” – Hungarian Bank of Development, And also, together with “VMF Special Trade KFT” represents in Ukraine the Claster of EU ЄС “HAVÁRIA ”.

Main type of activity of „Adekvat Consulting ” – juridical support, management and legal protection of investments.

Protection of investments means legal support starting from purchase or lease of land parcel, legal support for obtaining permissions, designing, constructing, commissioning and guidance of acting business.

Company is a member of working group at State Committee of Ukraine in issues of regulation policy and entrepreneurship, Consultant of regional agency at investments involvement and department of transborder cooperation at regional State Administration, is a nominee of State Committee of Statistics in Ukraine and company „International economical rating ” in nomination „Company of the region of 2012 year”, Director of company was awarded for professional management of company – leader of economy of Ukraine in sphere „Advocacy” – by Order "Cross of Honor of Ukraine”.

Together with its foreign and Ukrainian partners we have a possibility to guide the purchase of acting business in most countries of Europe, Ukraine and Russia. Legalization of new owner staying in country ( registration of permanent place of living, and so on), to support the adaptation in new environment. In most of the countries, if required, to provide with assistant – interpreter or represent company for assets management with perfect reputation.

Besides ready propositions, at your will, we can perform search and juridical support of any issue.

Besides the above mentioned, in frames of common activity of partners, on basis of related license we represent services in declaring commodities, transport of commercial type, that are crossing customs border of Ukraine and have all required system resources for provision of such services, professional personal, office and computer equipment, software needed, company uses modern informational technologies and have positive reputation in customs authority— in complex it gives us possibility to perform our commitments at declaring loads in prompt and quality manner.

Main principles of our work are: making better conditions for foreign activities of companies, making easier logistic and organizational processes of cargo delivery, fast and comfortable declaring fo citizen’s cargo. Performing customs control and clearance of cargos of citizens and companies directly at the border significantly shortens the time for customs formal procedures, which in its turn optimizes the work of companies that use our services, creates more better conditions for goods exchange over the customs border of Ukraine.

We can provide the following customs and broker services:

Director                                      Veretskiy Beylo Beylovych.

PE Veretskiy Beylo Beylovych.
Id. Number - 2003112017
Tel. +38 050 911 79 11
E – mail:
Skype - fiksa100

Acknowledgement of our achievements:

The Veretsky B.B. awarded for professional business management – and as a leader in the field of economy of Ukraine "Attorney’s activity" – with order "Cross of Honour of Ukraine."

In 2012, LLC "Adequate" was nominated for State Statistics Committee of Ukraine and a company of "International economic rating" in the category "The Region’s Enterprise 2012".

In 2013, the director of LLC "Adequate" Veretsky B.B was awarded on behalf of a group of Hungarian enterprises “Skala-Coop” CC for his personal contribution to the development of the project.

In 2007, State Committee Regulatory Policy of Ukaine and Entrepreneurship has awarded the reform of the national economy, business development and market formation the head of LLC "Adequate" Veretsky B. B. with diploma for contribution of the infrastructure in Ukraine.

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